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Pick Up Policy

We will only allot a 30mins window from your specified and chosen time of pickup, after that your order will be considered a no show and no refund will be granted.

Delivery Policy

  • Mon-Fri Delivery from 10am-4pm

  • Please give a 4 hours window in your Delivery Time. example: If you choose 10am that means 10am-2pm

  • During delivery, there would be only 1 attempt to deliver and after that the next attempt have another charge of $20.

  • During delivery, we will not be waiting on the delivery address.

  • If no one is available during the delivery, you are consenting that your items will be left in the delivery address front door. *We will take a photo where the package was left and send it to you.

  • Due to the perishable nature of our items, we cannot guarantee the safety of your item once it's left unattended in your front porch.

  • Once an item is left in the delivery address front door, we are no longer responsible for your items as it will be considered delivered and out of our hands.

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